Thursday, 18 April 2013

Media Re-shooting from Monday 11th April.

Today we re-shot alot of the opening title sequence to make our opening title sequence better overall, this meant that we could take out the footage that did not make sense previously giving the opening title sequence a clearer narrative. Below is a link describing the day of events.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Current Feedback-

We have now received feedback on all of the components that make up our opening title sequence so that we have the chance to try and make them better- which I a great idea as it means that everything can be made better to get the best possible grade. We have been marked separately by our teachers on both the evaluation and our blogs as well as the opening title sequence but for this we all achieved a mark that was the same as the finished product was supposed to be worked on proportionally for all member in the group.

BLOG- 17/20

This mark is reflective of my blog and I s a good mark but, I would like to rye and pick up a couple marks on my blog to ensure that the best possible grade that I can achieve is given. When we got the mark for our blogs we was not provided with any feedback but, I think that my blog just needs more degree of interactivity therefore, to ensure that this happens I plan to try and make more Prezi documents, include more visuals in previous post and also just make sure that literary errors are not evident.

I was not content with this mark but, I will definitely try and make this mark increase as it is not the best mark and does not reflect the other components of the coursework. The ways of making the opening title sequence better was by just getter cleaner filming as well as some better acting which is understandable. I do think that possibly transitions could be made better and I could look at ensuing this so that the continuity is secured.

We also need to ensure that in the outcome there is an injection of comedy as so far it is too serious. We also have two more things to work on and it is the fight scene because the fight scene was far too late and did not reflect the fighting very well that would be evident in the film. Also to do more slapstick narrative anecdote within like hiding behind almost or even getting an image of a funny face on the phone.

The evaluation mark came back very well without any corrections and this has meant that if worse comes to worst a B would just be secured- although, I want to push for an A. To improve this component of the coursework I need to ensure that in the farming there is only a close-up of me. I also need to make sure that instead of mentioning Eddie Murphy as representation I talk about me. I also need to ensure that I re-write some parts making sure that my writing is not too flowery as this can mean that I become misunderstood.

Overall- 70/100

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Creating the evaluation on final cut pro

Making the evaluation-
Today,  I started to create my evaluation and the concept that I thought of was a video that was picturing me talking in the frame of the video and then from this it would have images coming up of the items, concepts and processes that I have endured whilst making my outcome this would have helped to visually describe what I have endured I the process of making the coursework and I also thought that it was a good idea to even try and with the evaluation video put the finished product in the background which would have shown what I have made whilst I was talking about it to the video.
Whilst making the product I realised that I needed to use specialist equipment and this meant that using tools provided by the software would have to be used. Especially the effects tool which I used a lot to ensure that there more of a sophisticated nature to the outcome and I had to do this because it meant that there would be a sense of cohesion and continuity in the outcome when visuals appeared the default setting that I used was a cross-fade as slide ins could have made it look unprofessional as it would capture the consumers attention elsewhere on the frame.
In order to even start making the evaluation on final cut pro I had to ensure that this part of the outcome was covered so that I knew that the correct visuals as well as audios were imported and this worked well once I had gasped the nature of the programme. To complete this process I had to click on one of the tool on the main toolbar and import from the desktop. The items that were imported included the images that I sourced online of some of the existing products in which I analysed along with the use of the opening title sequence that we actually produced and then I had to also import the soundings.
This screenshot is of the timeline in which is where it could move certain parts of the clip. I had to use this a lot as it had to be used after transitions or movement to make sure that the audio and visuals were formatted by rendering them which did become rather time consuming but ensured that the actual final product when exported was correct which was a good idea. It also meant that when I missed out one of the questions that I could then go back into that outcome, and then from this make sure that the correct or misplaced question was added; therefore, this tool as it meant that mistakes became easy to rectify.

This visual was the foundation of the evaluation as it meant that the primary source of what I was evaluating was actually being seen; this would be good for the examiner or consumer as it would mean that direct comparisons are evident and this would mean that the item would be much easy to evaluate. I made sure that the opening title sequence was seen the whole through the outcome as this is the purpose of the evaluation.
Overall, I think that the evaluation was successful so far and fits the brief of the interactive nature as it does not quite abide by a normal word document which is a good idea. The use of final cut pro was a good idea as it meant that there was more chance of masking the product as sophisticated as it could be. The use of the Chroma key tool was the hardest tool to use on the programme as it was a matter of trying to replicate the used Chroma -key on all so that it was the same the whole way through.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Summary of new edit

Small summary of what I think of the new edit compared to the other;
Above is the new edit which has beeen uploaded to YouTube.
Personally I am rather happy with  the way that our new opening tile sequence looks as it more engaging for the audience and is to an extent easier to follow. I still think the editing of overlapping footage could have possibly been less applied but, that is no means a critical comment because it does set up enigmas of the narrative and gives transition from frame to fame. So, completely losing it would have been less beneficial then applying it less frequently. If there is time I would like to possibly ask people to watch it and try and get some feedback of what they think our opening tile sequence is about that way if there is a major problem it will need to be re-thought. But, obviously as the deadline has practically gone it would be in the groups best interest that small changes were rectified quickly. 

Taking into account people's thoughts would be a good idea as the public are the way revenue is made therefore, they would be the main reliance for support for the film to do well.

Changes to Mr Teddy

Changes to the opening title sequence; call me Mr teddy 


Editing; this was the main thing that was commented upon thus the need to spend the most of our time on this part of the opening title sequence. First of all, when the clip was loaded we all sat around the macintosh and Louise and Nicola had showed me what they previous,y worked upon on upon the feedback lesson and what they had achieved was to take away some of the clips where I was writing because it became far to repetitive and too much elliptical editing was being replicated. Now, the sequence uses less by e cooperating less which makes it more simple and easy to understand which needed to be addressed because the understanding of the clip has to be simplistic to follow as there is such a mass audience.

We then collectively, looked at the clip and placement of clips need to be finished off in terms of the editing and also the clips needed to cut as some re-entered clips we chose to use were too long and became boring. The most placements that needed to be made was the sound clips; the foley sound because when moving the clips it was more of an after thought, which I completely agree with as we all know they work our main priority is flow in narrative representation.

Titles and transitions 

There was some work that needed to be endured to the titles although, most was very minor they needed to be completed for the opening title sequence to look sophisticated and to a degree existing in the world of film. So what I needed to as tiles co-ordinator was to make sure that the placement of the fonts was maintained. I had to do this by moving one of the last fonts that had been moved to the centre. This was the frame with the title Peter Howitt , the director and all I did to his frame was centred the font. I also had to correct the inconsistency of universals and universal studio by actually searching which was right and it was universal actor ding to there logo from film and web-page.

The transitions endured were minimal, it was simply just cross fading any clips that were rendered as well as the box slide. It did becoming re-occupant that these had to keep changing but, Daisy did the task implicitly. The sound also impacted this part and we did have to keep checking that the title appeared on the screen when a change of tone was hinted by a change in rhythm.


We had to try and express the narrative more simply as it was far to hard to understand and become very fragmented and too much was happening at once but, we have withdrawn some of the clips that had overlaying clips and I feel it has made the clip more successful. I do have a worry still though that are too many clips still evident but, it has definitely been improved. I worry that our project is far to editorial based as oppose to just simplistic filming with one narrative of clear films. The re-assurance that I have in our project is that all of our case study's into opening tile sequences exploring spy and action followed the same convention. 

The opening title sequence does still heavily rely upon the sound, transitions and tiles for continuity in text as oppose to footage but, this works well and creates the concept of the chase between good and evil or hero and monster.

Adding in new clips

We chose to add in some clips in order to make the opening tile sequence longer so that it fit convention of the regular timing of an opening tile sequence which is usually; 2.30-3.00 minutes. One clip added was me doing a cartwheel with a gun and I feel that the using of the clip was a great decision as the movement itself embodies a style of action therefore works well alongside what we have already used. We also decided to keep some clips that caused previous confusion but we instead of overlapping them with over footage it was decided to make them separate.

Other changes that were made was rather minimal but, we did focus more upon the footage and work that we had already made as oppose to re-starting any filming. I think this proved fine to make a good edit but, possibly more back-up footage could have proved essential or a safety net.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Feedback on Mr Teddy Opening titles

Below is our feedback on the Mr. teddy opening title sequence first screening and generally it is not the most pleasing feedback but the constructive criticisms will be worked upon to get a better resolution. Generally, people commented on the confusion of the opening title sequence as too much overlay of footage was evident for the narrative to be shown to the audience which I can understand as a lot is happening at once. So, this would be an edit change as the editing I think could possibly do with a bit less overlay as at one point there is two things happening at once in the filming, then a title comes up and then it just confusing obviously, this sets up enigmas but, we don't want a sense of ambiguity where nothing is understood as the narrative of our film won't be expressed.

Generally, the work that I did on the titles and movement where liked and credited but, I do think that the overall feel of the opening titles stylistically, is not fluid in transition therefore, offers confusion so it would probably be better to move the footage making the opening title sequence longer and then avoiding to use elliptical editing as two things at once proves confusing. To improve we could possibly consider making one piece of footage really light so it is barely see but, whatever happens there must be one focus instead of three.

One thing that I also know that I will need to change is the placement of the titles as I missed one important placing involving the director and it ended up being half way through the page not following the trend of the other titles so I plan to move that title down to the right corner in the bottom much like the others. In terms of the star rating I was not put off as still with the slight mistakes it was offered 2 stars and three stars which just proves that we have something to work with. 

The ending of our opening title sequence was praised and that was more simplistic then anything we had placed in the opening title sequence and just abided by the filming rather then more then two things going at once which I felt worked fantastically so, we could use this filming and this scenes and frames as a slight style modal and then constructively make our sequence much like this throughout. The editing I feel could possibly also aim to put my action in.

Saturday, 2 February 2013


Today, was the first viewing of the classes opening titles sequences collectively, we had to show what each of our groups had produced and then, get some feedback. Collectively as a class we all judged everyone thus getting well rounded feedback from not only the students but our teacher and the technician too. The process was not really structured in term soft that group went after each other’s as we all just went by preference.

When, it got to the stage that our group was about to show, Miss Whittaker went onto YouTube as, our opening titles was already put onto the video stream and then everyone watched. After, everyone watched it was time to start receiving feedback from selected candidates to speak per each group. Personally, feedback is hard to take but, is justifiable when it will help to improve our finished product.

The main criticism was the fact that people couldn’t focus upon the editing as there were too many overlapping images that the editing made people miss certain shots thus getting confused. Our teacher commented on this and said that this needs to improve in order to give an insight into the narrative and the thematic of the film which I completely agree because when looking back it is slightly hard to keep focus on one thing without another distracting the first frame, which can be rectified after school. I do plan to come back after school within the next week to make some changes to this with hopefully my group but, the date is yet to be scheduled.
In terms of my positions within the opening title sequence, they could have been better performed by me in one of the roles. Personally, feel that the continuity of the sequence needs re-thinking as, if it is hard to understand then this box is not being as it were ticked spa I plan to make some shots smaller and less overlap of frames. But, I am fairly happy with my performance with the titles as people complemented the way that the titles worked well with the music, transitions and the general look of them.

The mistakes will be rectified with the upcoming week for timing purposes as we do need to start thinking ahead for the exam.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Mr Teddy

Changes to the Titles

Yesterday, some changes to the titles was endured in the process of putting the titles on to the final edit for the main reasons; one being that the word didn’t grammatically make sense or because the original placing didn’t make the work cohesive. In terms of the changes, Justified them to everyone and asked if the agreed. Below is a screenshot in which was the planned titles anything In red with an explanation was changed in the process of applying the titles yesterday.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Titles and Transitions

Today, we actually started to add the transitions and the titles for the opening title sequence which I am really happy about as, it finally means that we can get an actual overall idea of what the sequence is going to look like overall rather than just the edit by itself, it also gave me and Daisy a real chance to put our ides into the edit which I was really enthused about as it is the concept of something new. The screen shot on the left shows that I started to add the fonts, following will be the process in which was endured for this process.
This is actually the first step which we was helped with by Jack as we asked Jack how to do the proceed conducting it in a certain manner and Jack told us, we made notes meaning we could do it ourselves when we started. To get to this screenshot you basically, open a bottom make A and then from this there is a drop down menu which you would click text and test again to start adding the text. This step was rather easy to get to as it is accessible and the buttons be seen clearly as they are bold.

This screenshot shows one of the windows in which will occur after the technique of the first step. It here allows you type the text in which needs to appear on the frame making it very manageable by the person in control on the mouse. There is also other techniques within this window in which you can control and this includes changing the size in which I did a lot to get the right sizing and the sizing of the font was for the smaller credits it was 27 and for the larger credits and basically it was the main titles which was 48. Therefore, this helps to emphasise that the most important thing is the main titles. You, can also like we did change the colours of the fonts meaning that there is a colour spectrum but this was rather easy as we already as a group decided that the white was our number one preference.
This screenshot shows here how you can move the font and therefore pick a placement of the font. To be honest Daisy picked the placement which was absolutely, fine as we worked as a team us me doing the fonts and Daisy the movement of the fonts onto the screen as I applied the positioning of the fonts. To move the fonts you have to make sure that you have the x framing on the font and to move you click on the middle and move the font within the frame. This was rather easy to move but at stages there was complications as the x frame sometimes was not clicked.

The most annoying and time consuming part about the opening title sequence and the adding the titles was having to render practically after every piece of movement and new effect added which did become rather frustrating at times as it meant that what we could have done in an hour and a half turn into two and a half hours.

This screen shot is showing basically that I prior before moving the fonts and doing the placement and size, I made them as it meant that I could then do lots of fonts consecutively meaning they would all work well together and also meaning that in one run I could get it done as I would be following the same process.
This is the start of the transitions in which Daisy completed and this was more of a trial and improvement type of steps and Daisy thoughoully analysed each type of effect seeing if it actually worked alongside all of the opening title sequences that already existed. To do this it was basically a matter of clicking on the effects on the main bar at the top and then under transitions on video Daisy chose to pick one in which was branded Band Slide which was a transition in which was a slide across the screen looking really much like the analysed ones in which we looked at thus replicating our genre very well thereof ea. think it fits the conventions of the genre.

This is the last sort of transitions and these were only applied to the smaller titles as the band slide appeared on the main titles. Personally, I feel that it was a good idea to do a transition of both of the fonts as with one it looked rather odd as if one font was supposed to stay. The use of the cross dissolve gave this sophistic approach to the tieless thus making it look far more professional therefore, it could be considered and referred to as being more of an existing opening title sequence in the film industry.

New filming.Journal:30/01/12

Today, we completed a new scene to add to the new edit ads we needed to a degree to fill a certain amount of filming with a sub merged image as, it started towards the end get slightly boring and un-interactive, it would also give us the opportunity to start adding the fighting for safety of the world element and aspect which is evident in the genre of, action, adventure and spy.
The footage was rather hard to shoot as we picked a corridor at school and it being early in the morning meant that kids was appearing for tutor time thus meaning that we had to move a lot but, luckily we found a corridor which was quiet and only available to a limited amount of people; becoming the perfect space for filming. The scene didn’t really need that much structure as we knew the scene needed to be an extreme long shot of me, Mr Teddy fighting the bad.
This was then added to the new edit and really worked well at connoting this element of saving the day in a humours way as the acting was rather unstructured thus looking like a joke which we wanted to produce. For the main reason that a full on fight scene in which people are hurt would be more likely to appear in an older buff rating.

The filming was done by daisy and in my opinion, although I am bias I think it has been done very well as the lighting works clearly and the enhancing of the bodies works really well. I also think that the positioning of the camera was a good imitative as, it meant that we could see the door from an angle as well as see me walk in properly as the door on the right was the only one in which you could are outside.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Sadly, today was the pinnacle of disruption to our opening title sequence as our footage when all put together by Louise just didn't have the sense of fluid transition in which I suppose we all intended it to have. I would like to take some of the blame in this event as my main role was to keep continuity which sadly I did not completely achieve. I personally feel the continuity was not kept because of the way we filmed. By this I don't mean the filming by any means was not great I mean, filming on different days meant a loss of what we achieved previously which was not anyone's fault it was more of time mag ament of the sequence.

It can be noted, though although we have had this obstacle it can only improve our work. So, today we re-filmed the scenes making our main focus me with little tangents of thematic and narratives of the film. The main focus was we writing a funeral speech for my name by the way I'm emulating to be Mr Teddy and then off of this main footage we had so overlapping footage creating this slight hologram effect which really worked well on the new edit.

The sub sections of the film now are still of great relevance if not more as they had me completing slight foolish stunts in practice that didn't connote the seriousness of spy therefore, emphasising the route of the humour which we surpassed. The stunt which I completed today again as Mr Teddy to keep continuity provided the element of action that needed to occur thus making our film fit part of the genre to a higher relevance. We did then decide that we needed to add some footage which we have filmed previously for the reasons that the green screen tracking by Louise has been superb suggesting that we had to use it. Because to an extent it would have been a waste.

Overall, I am rather happy that it is now sorted in terms of the route that we are following but at the same time I am rather disappointed in myself for not spotting it as, arguably this should have been spotted straight away but, as I say it has happened now there is no rectifying. In terms of the plan tomorrow, it is highly likely that the edit will need a lot of work which I feel will be covered in the morning ready for me and daisy to have our input so that it doesn't look sided in contributions- which I am sure it won't once we have completed our roles. I suppose what I learnt today was that structure e is such an important thing in planning coursework.

Considering conventions...

Me, whom am in charge of the titles, have started to consider the presentation to an extent of the opening title sequence and after seeing some previous years of opening title sequences produced by welling school students it is evident, that a lot have used the starting title of the film producer and or distributer. This would really help to connote the films backing in terms of support, finance and production thus giving the impression of a recognised film company that the film will be most likely to be a box office success. I feel that adding this to the opening title sequence ill make our opening title sequence look more professional thus giving the impression that it is not produced by school children.
The opening credit for ours would be for universal pictures which we originally decided to use as they are well recognised in the business giving the impression of credibility and ability to make mass films securing great grossing profits; which is after all the main reason this industry has been regarded as wealthy. Also, films that usually produce a great first outcome lead to good reputations for the film thus indicating a sequel will be the following project.

Also the fact that this piece of footage would be evident would give it a hallmark of the industry in which would mean a convention thus once again making it look "real". The reason in which I have chosen this opening credit of the universal over the others is because currently this is the most current thus meaning the newer demographic which markets aim films at usually would recognise this credit over the older edition more likely. The main audience in which a film aims its film at is a fourteen year old male.

This would be an almost convention like replica and the placement of this would have to be at the beginning of the film as it is the usual preference of placement. Putting this at the beginning I feel works really well ads we have a separate title for universal to come up in another font so having this recognised font at the beginning will re-illiterate the message thus being easier to question who made the film.

Monday, 28 January 2013


Today as well as this week I have basically just kept myself prepared for doing the titles and just making sure that when the edit is actually completed without the hassle of losing clips that I am ready to in out the titles as the process of me doing the titles does need to be completed straight anyway within a short time spend as Daisy will need the time to put the transitions in thus meaning that we are working on a rather tight schedule but, as I say the malfunction is not down the group it is down to the current server in which our schools belong s to.

As for today’s lesson nothing was actually completed in terms of coursework as we have started to familiarise ourselves with the prospect of the exam staring to look at the film industry and new technologies although, it does not really need a post as it is  not in specific relation to the exam. Apart from that today’s lesson did offer the feedback of our blogs which I have already put onto the blog in the previous post, in terms of the feedback I do just hope to rye and maintain the current standard that I am working at.

Also this week we have changed our idea about the font as the colours which we had selected just would not work on Photoshop and after reviewing the font as a group we did decide that in theory red works better alongside the genre of horror as it connotes this eternal desire to kill someone as well as the sadistic pleasure in which people get out of others misfortune. Personally the white works so much better on thaw black as the colours are binary opposite and the black offers a sense of clarity. My biggest concern of the white is that Louise has input more backgrounds which art black so it may not work but, I’m sure this is an obstacle that can be climbed when we get to it.
In terms of what needs to be completed within the upcoming weeks has to be that the font needs to be put on to the edit ready for Thursday as this is an essential and if the titles are not on by Thursday morning I will be hugely disappointed in myself as, it is better to show the group on the feedback of the opening title sequence’s fomenting in which is of a good standard rather then something which could have looked better.


Today, was the day in which we received some needed blog feedback which I think that generally as a class is the vital way of improving something to make it better? To begin with Shaun, our teacher said some comments about our blogs without giving the grades as, they are accessible on a Macintosh within our time and facilities.

We then all went to the Macs and unfortunately, it had not been posted so we found Shaun whom printed out the document on a printer. After this slight narrative, I got my feedback which overall was pleasing. The grade was judged as A grade which is the highest grade in AS so to an extent I knew that there was no major changes that my blog needed to endure.

Most of the suggestions for improvements were completed at the weekend; this being the uploaded of phis from a shooting of our opening title sequence on January the 22nd which have already been placed on my blog at the weekend and the other essential and vital post which needed to be put on my blog was the re-shot scenes from the storyboard which have all been met but, I will ask Shaun to check that the posts I am talking of meet the criteria.

The essential piece of information in which Shaun advised me about was the idea that I write a lot in the form of long documents making it rather ‘’text heavy’’ he has noticed that I have tried to differ from just this innovative by doing journal videos as well as power points and Prezi slide shows but, making the blog in a way more interactive with the consumer would only help to improve but, as he said it is a suggestion.

From the feedback which I have completed at the weekend I just plan to go through my blog possibly adding screen shots as well as some possible photos and clip which will only in a way incise the audience and make my blog far more interesting to use. Other than this I just plan to carry on doing what I am currently doing to try and maintain a high grade.

Sunday, 27 January 2013


I  thought that it would be a good idea to plan ahead for tomorrow in which I am hoping that the edit of our opening title sequence will be ready for the input of the opening titles. I feel that it will be essential that the edit is ready as without enough time for me and daisy to put our input into the edit it will just made the preliminasry viewing rather pessimistic and make to a degree our input degrade the overall edit. I have said this to the group and they all agree that this is the case so I am hoping the edit is ready for the input of the titles tomorrow and then the start of Tuesday they should be finished so daisy has time to input transitions into the edit. This will also give us time to rectify any mistakes but, in the case if rectifying mistakes we do know that if we have a limited time for this after schools for a period of time so minor issues can be ironed out.
The current order of the titles has already been chase by the director it is just a matter of time for me to now organise what titles go where and what frame meaning there is a sense of consistency and making the opening title sequence replicate existing opening title sequence already in the film trade and industry.

As I have previously commented this is our order:
“The order of our actual titles is: studio name, Production Company, starring... (Actor), featuring, then the casting, music, editor story by and director.” Therefore the titles will be like this I have took the liberty of writing the smaller titles in brackets as a self-reminder of using simplicity on the larger fonts and yummy cupcakes on the smaller fonts. It will follow in chronological process on our opening title sequence such as the following:

 1. Studio name-Universal studios
2. Production company- A universals studios production

3. Producer of the film-A Peter Howitt Film
4. The film name will arise here- call me …MR TEDDY

5. Starring- Eddie Murphy
6. Featuring- Anne Hathaway

7. Cast- Rowan Atkinson
8. Cast- John Goodman

9. Costume design and make-up-(the same costume designer as Johnny English reborn) Beatrice Pasztor

10. Music by-(completed the sounding for the incredibles) Michael Giacchino

11. Filmed by-(worked on mission impossible) Stephen H. Burum

12. Edited by-( same editor as pink panther 2) Julia Wong
13. Writer-(one of the writers for dumb and dumber)Peter Farrelly

14. Directed by- Peter Howitt

Re-shooting scenes.

Last week, we had some problems in terms of one of the scenes in which was shot earlier on in the stages ads when Louise can=me round to Chroma keying the scene on after effects; fitting a background became rather calleting because the camera in the filming stage was one dolly (a moving device in which can move changing what’s on the frame).
Unfortunately, for Louise she had Chroma keyed the scene and it then became evident that when putting in an image of an office in the background the clip played with the moving frame but, obviously the background could not making it rather bad and unsophisticated because it was obvious that it had been Chroma keyed.
And the purpose of using a green screen is to enhance the image making the resolution look far more better in which it slightly juxtaposed its original purpose. So, we then devised that we should start to re-film the scene using the location as the background which still worked as it had all the hallmarks of an original office.

 The props were already provided by Louise from the scene we had completed a while ago so there was no need to get extra props. Although, I did have to borrow a blazer off of someone as the scene was not scheduled. If the scene had been planned for this would obviously not have happened but, credit to Louise for replicating the original scene keeping the transition.

The filming this time was so much better, Daisy has made this filming clear and concise and the fact that it was on a tripod gave the consistent stand that was not there previously.Philosopically, I feel that this filming is far more professional and cohesive with the filming that has already been worked upon and can only enhance a better outcome.

In addition we also re-filmed one of the scene in which I was picking up the briefcase as, it was not needed for Louise to Chroma key the scene as, she was just going to put an image if a wall in the background. So, we re-filmed the scene using the wall outside which had already fit with the scene I am just hoping that the white font works on the background as, it could mean another obstacle to climb.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Importing from Photoshop to Final Cut pro.

This is screenshot is showing how to import in quick terms it is basically a process in which supervision can be required as, it is a long and time consuming process trying to do it by yourself if you are a beginner thus me needing the supervision of a technical assistant at school.
In honesty, I am still rather confused by this process but, I don’t really need to capture this process as Jack the technician has told me that it can be edited upon straight away on final cut pro thus meaning that it is less time consuming and works better as you can see it straight away and improve by comparing and contrasting to other opening title sequence. He advised me not to use Photoshop documents and import unless I am trying to create something in which final cut pro cannot create on itself. For example, Chroma keying the green screen on after effects.

So, if correct to get to this process you have to fame the font creating these parallel line both horizontal and landscape and then import the file via putting it on to Final cut pro. Which sound rather easy but would take a very long time if I was to do this one by one?

Pre-set Deadlines

I feel that it would be a great idea to set my self pre-set deadlines as it gives me time to scrutinise and amend anything that needs to be changed thus giving us the perfect resolution; or at least one we are content with.

By Thursday 24th January- the font should be completely chosen and ready to work on for the Friday. This will give Louise time to edit and me time to complete journal posts as well as time to document the stages already taken place through the week and stages.

By Friday 25th January- the font should have been started on Final Cut pro and there should be a post showing how I did this ensuring that Daisy can use my fonts for the transition, as I have to consider time management for Daisy to complete her role.

By Sunday the 27th January- all the posts for documentation are complete so that I am ready to completely focus on the font transition by helping Daisy as there is so much she could do. I could possibly help by gibing her my research into fonts.

By Thursday- Everything should be complete for the first viewing this will ensure that the smaller errors that need to be made can be made rather then focussing all our efforts on just one major mistake. I hope that this will; ensure that we only have minimal pieces to correct as; it means that the things that are not necessarily liked in the crit we can change and just keep improving.

Eddie Murphy : White Font;

As I have previously noted, I was to make a mock up design of the fonts using a new font in which I have chosen the white personally from first preview of the above it is so much better as the juxtaposition between the black and the white enhances the clarity of the font making it far more easy and distinguishable. 

To create this font, I basically made it on the same programmer of Photoshop but, it was far more easier to make in the sense that the fonts was uploaded to existing fonts on the Macintosh computers under the text making it easier to find; also meaning that the fonts were less likely to be pixilated colour as in generalization some of the screen shots made are rather pixelated in which makes it have far more clarity. 

I then followed the same cyclic process of making the back colour of the file black for the reason that the existing fonts are rather dark and black has been used in all the frames that Louise has Key-lighted. The success of this font is that it has this connotation of purity and a new soul which can be seen as a foreshadow of our narrative which is about a grannie dyeing passing in heritage the role of a spy to her grandson. The purity element is rather fitting, as he is new to the occupation thus being prone to make mistakes occasionally.

I know plan to apply this font to Final cut pro straight away as I have learnt today that hen the fonts are preloaded they can be worked upon straight away in the programmer of final cut pro by accessing on a tab and clicking text.  This will be so much better for my group as Daisy can do the transitions far easier by basically opening the document clicking the font and working on the transitions. 

If a certain background has to behind the fonts then obviously we will have to import from Photoshop as an enhancer of clarity. But, as Jack has assured me this would be quicker and less time consuming as, we are working straight away onto the document thus meaning that it can be worked on straight away and less complications with placement will occur.

Going back to the original.

We gave deiced to go back to original font design except this time I have tried to get rid of the font shadowing which was the primary concern of the font. This time there was completely different process with this font I had to download the font; to do this I went onto and then downloaded the font and this went onto a downloading bar in which I clicked and then used via going onto Photoshop elements in which it downloaded thus making the font less pixelated and far ore accessible for the group and me.

Once the font was downloaded I just used the paint bucket tool and this gave the black background, which made it look continuous with most of the black backgrounds applied by Louise. I then just clicked onto the T, which symbolizes the text tool. With the text tool I then used both of the preloaded fonts was just a click away from finishing. With this I then did the titles for just the main font using simplicity.

To get the more stylistic approach without the worry of the white shadowing I just used the paint bucket tool to get rid of the shadowing which meant that I could made the white shadowy pixels black thus looking more professional and cohesive with the original and existing font.

I do I have a problem with this font though as it is still fairly pixelated so we are now talking about making the font white as it will be so much better in terms with the black background we also have acknowledged that the font is rather horror like; which would be a false impression of the film to the demographic thus my next step will be to get a white font. The white font would also have more connection in terms of the narrative and the thematic of the film.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


This week I have currently in depth really looked at the way the fonts in which we should use to be sure that our titles are just ready to made. Of course this has been a large job and doing it the titles by myself has been enjoyable as, I have contextualised my knowledge on fonts and the graphical connotation in which some have.

So far, the conducted work this week has been rather experimental in terms of what I am trying to do as, what I am trying to do is get the final decision of the font for Friday so that it is finished and that there is physically no more to do before the first screening on Monday. Therefore, this week I have been trying to make a definite decision by staring to consider if the font’s tougher work which we found did.
The next step was to decide colours. I this week did the colours by applying them to one title and then questioning the public by asking them which of the six in which I had produced was the most of their preference. I then followed this week by basically making tables and producing a tally chart of the way that they vted so that it would show visually to me and my group the public standing which we took into consideration with our view.

We then as a group decided to use the colour red and it was now my chance to make some mock up designs. The first designin in which I incountered was two of which showed the font with the shadowing and without. From this we have been unstable from the decision and have so far chosewn to stay with the font of red and the thicker and bolder although, I am slightly caucious of the thicker design as I don’t think it references the existing Mr Teddy font but, obstacles can be climbed and if in turn it doesn’t work I’m sure the oppituinity of changing it will be fine but slightly challenging. A lthough, I intednt to have a detailed disuccion on theis decision so that we as a group are compltetly content without having to chne the presentation of the font last minute which could thus make it look rushed and inconsistent in terms of clarity.

Changing the font design on Photoshop

We have decided as a group to change our mind about the shadowing font for the reason that the font is possibly very hard to distinguish and a film being sent to the box office should not be hard to distinguish it should be a relaxing and peaceful time with the costing of the film being rather high. Therefore, an s a group we have changed the font to the bolder thicker font as for one the audience would have felt more at ease and the stars would be easier to decipher.

As, you can see from the above I have decided to another replicar of the font in terms of a mock up together including both the smaller titles and the larger titles thus meaning as a group we could see the fonts together. The font will help to secure the cohesion needed as he titles are in frame for a matter of seconds and the audience should not have to endure the discomfort of seeing the fonts out the clear look.

Philosophically, I am rather happy that the fonts have been changed as they was hard to read and maybe rushing in and doing all the fonts in a harder shadow would not have possibly worked I will once again show this to my group and ask for their standing. This will then, give us the chance to compare and contrast and see hither we have made the correct decision with what we have picked.

The font works rather well at connoting some of the thematic such as humour as the font for me replicates a fridge magnet something which is played with usually by a child therefore, meaning that the character might be naive to situations in which one is as, they are rather silly and stupid; to connote the humour. The one thing that could be a worry about this font could be that it doesn’t follow the original concept of the handwriting but, in theory this would not have worked as handwriting is black and using a black background font would not have shown the font up.

Applying the red to both titles and analysing

I have produced another mock up document on Photoshop this one is replicating a Frame in an opening title sequence. Although, there isn’t the convention of imagery it is to see whether the font works well today and whether our prelocution of the font looking differed from the general trend of fonts in this industry. I have compelled myself to Photoshop for the reason that I feel that Photoshop offers a way of combining both fonts and looking at them tougher thus meaning I can justify if they work if question by a teacher or a future consumer watching the sequence.
I have followed the conventional approach of making the smaller titles smaller then the main fonts so the obvious of the names in the film will be larger thus capturing the attention of the consumer as the larger stars within the film will have their specific demographic thus meaning a larger audience a bigger box office success.

The success of doing this frame on Photoshop got me to see whether the fonts worked in which I personally feel that they do but, to keep internal peace within our group I do plan on feeding back this post and exploration to see whether I need to improve the current positioning of the font. In terms of the shadowing I do find it works well. Possibly, an idea could be to go and ask people if they can distinguish the actual wording as; I would generally know what it says as, I have been working on it.

Possible improvements that I could make to the work could be to look at placement on the frame I do need to start to ask Louise of the current positioning of imagery in the opening title sequence this way I can then go this frame should have a slightly smaller name etc.

The consistent background colour is black and I have kept with this consistent colour as, it has already been applied to all the Green tracking in which Louise has completed to a high standard. The significance of the background being black is that most of the filming is actually white thus meaning that the white shows up with more clarity and looks clean and precise; almost clinical- it also means that no other components in the frame are of a distraction.

Working on the fonts

To create, this mock-up of the fonts I basically made this on Photoshop using the same programming device of dafont and put this font onto a blank file.  I then just put this existing font onto the file using the same process of putting the red onto the title using the paint bucket tool which filled it with colour thus giving it this impressionable look and making it rather clear. So far i have this percolation that the font is rather hard to distinguish what the actual font was like thus reading really hard. I feel that I would defiantly try to make the font far more distinguishable by putting it on the same background and exploring some options. The routes that I could possibly explore with this font could possibly be making the font thicker or possibly removing some of the white shadowing which might be distracting the original.

I have basically here improved the font to some extent and it has to an extent improved but I think that I still preference the above font more as it looks clear and precise. To make this font I basically just paint bucketed the font to make it look far more distinguishable. The trouble or in a way the disadvantage with this font is that it is very pixelated and doesn't look at professional as, I wanted it too.

I have showed this series of exploration to my group and as a decision we decided that the shadowing font looks so much more precise and clear- it also has this professional look as the shadowing looks worked upon and the other option is too childish making it look naive and not as nice and clear about this. I now plan to try and add this exploration to the smaller titles and this would therefore show a sense of cohesion and will help me as the titles manager to make the decision if it flows cohesively as one piece.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Conducted research into the font colours.

I have conducted a set of research to find out which font in which the public found was there preference. Philosophically, I like the colour red. From the research in which I conducted in the process of describing myself in a short brief of what the film was about the narrative and the main thematic of the film. I suppose that I had to this as it was slight inevitable to ask someone to make a judgement without the contextual knowledge of the film.

I just put the titles on a sheet and with a tally chart in which I made on word and then I just asked people of their preference out of the six with the brief description. The vote was purely on the basis of one vote per person as doing a more democratically approach of asking the first to third preference would have been likely to be rather time consuming and hard to distinguish the actual preference. I asked a total of 50 people just to make sure that the results was fair and showed a clear favourite thus meaning that the majority would have appealed to a larger audience.

The clear favourite was the red thankfully for me in extremely content with the decision as the red has an underlying connotation of love as well as anger which ironically is what our whole film revolves around. The red was also the easiest to produce on the document a she black original font was easy to distinguish the blemishes of the font so; therefore I could easily use the paint bucket tool to hide these blemishes.

From the results now I will add the red to the smaller titles and see if this works within these titles as well just to make sure that there is this consistency and cohesion within the work as the font colour has to work the same for both of the titles for the reason that it is meant to replicate an existing opening title sequence. In addition, all the opening title sequences that I looked at I found out that there is this one consistent colour and it flows as one and that the exception of using two font colours is mainly preference in the animation industry.
Graphs-I then decided to publish the results on to an excel graph as it would be easy to distinguish the results and show a clear favourite I will show the graph to my group and explain my reasoning for using this which was the above. The way that I did this was I wrote down the information onto the document and then I basically typed in each cell which had what tally. This then, led to me to clicking all the cells and clicking chart. I felt that the pie chart showed the outcome the best as, it showed the overall preference.

I am now going to apply this font colour to the smaller titles and evaluate this and then I will then look at applying this red colour font to all of the other titles which I hope will then, be ready for Daisy to produce the transition for the fonts on the frame.
The chosen font colour-

Font Colours

I am going to now conduct some research into what the font colour should look like so that as a group we can start to choose what font colour to choose. In terms of, what colour I am going to choose I will conduct the research on a basis of what font colour what best for me in preference and I will do this six times then refer the data back to my group and other people asking them what they think of the work produced from this I will then write up a data and complete a tally chart. Once I then, have the correct data for my work I will then apply this font colour to all titles produced. I am going to conduct the font colours on Photoshop.
This is a screenshot in which shows that I have used the programming deceive of Photoshop for to infill colour on the font. The shot shows that so far I have conducted three colours starting with: orange, dark blue and then green. I have also prepared three more templates to put the fonts onto so that I could experiment with some more colours. As, you can see from the screenshot I have followed the same principle with all three of the templates in being that the shadow is still evident as, I feel that it gives it this sophisticated look although, it may not show up if we choose to preference the background colour of black.

This screenshot is showing in which the final fonts from this screenshot I quickly looked to see if any mistakes would need rectifying. This also helped me to compare and contrast the fonts in terms of whether I actually liked them or whether there was something missing that there wasn't with the other font necessarily thus meaning that I could focus upon a certain amount of consistency in the fonts and that the preference would purely be based upon the font colour and no other possible attributes such as the shadowing on one of the fonts or the missing pieces of the paint on one of the titles.

Once, I had observed to see if there was any mistakes or missing editing skills on the fonts I chose to show the fonts to my group and I personally feel that they was rather happy with the decisive decision to start doing the font colours and they said that there was some great colours and some not so necessarily great but, I feel that carrying out and conducting a set of research will be the best way to choose a font. This will show that our decision is more representative of our market and not one sided meaning that if we ask a lot of people the demographical audience could possibly widen making our film more of a box office success.